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It's lonely at the top


Are you an entrepreneur and do you recognize yourself in this statement? Has the passion with which you have started your business more or less gone, or is your enthusiasm not reflected by your organization? Do you need a sounding board whom you can speak freely with? Somebody who sees you for all as a human being?


I give you my full attention and mirror you where needed. Together we look into your vision and organization and I provide a clear advice with possible points of improvement for yourself and your business.

You are aware about your role in the organization and the impact you have. You dare (or are open) to be you. You work from your heart and believe (or are open) that the financial results are a consequence of a healthy organization with committed employees.


Besides 25 years of business experience, wisdom and knowledge I use my intuition and energy. I see a business as a living system.

We will schedule a first appointment in La Lou's Shiny House. After the introductory meeting, there are various options for a follow-up process. For an appointment or more information please contact me via +31 6 234 78065 of

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