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La Lou's motto

La Lou believes in thelove
La Lou believes in the power ofto share

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About love

Love is.

Love is impossible to express in words. All I know is that love is the only answer. On everything. That it has to do with recognizing yourself in the other. To accept the other as he is. To leave it in its value. Love is a state of being. If we have to fight or work for it, fear is involved. Love starts with yourself. My experience is that it requires quite a bit of you to get to that point: living through pain, emotions, being honest, insight, perseverance and, above all, a whole mountain of personal responsibility. Love is so worth it.

La Lou radiates love.

La Lou makes you feel.


About sharing

I have often experienced the power of sharing. During my many travels I have been inspired by encounters with people who had little or nothing materially and who gave everything. From the heart. From solidarity. This kind of sharing is a huge source of inspiration for me. Because I have been on the road a lot alone, I have learned how sharing stories, worries, moments of happiness, even with strangers, adds enormous value. I see that our individualistic society has a lot of loneliness. That well-being comes at the expense of prosperity. That there is a need for places where people can share. Giving and receiving.

La Lou's is such a place.


About connection

Everyone is unique. In my work, I have guided people for many years in finding their talent and passion, regardless of previous diplomas and experience. As a manager, I had the opportunity to bring the power of all these people together. This showed me that the sum was always greater. In short,  1+1=3.  Add to that the satisfaction of sharing and you know why La Lou chooses to work together.

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