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La Lou has a dream!


La Lou has dreams! And makes them come true! And for that she needs help! Are you enthusiastic to help La Lou realizing her dreams? Please contact me via +31 6 234 78065 of

La Lou's Angels. An organization that helps kids that are unseen by our society to realize their dreams. It are children who need extra support in the form of a rolemodel, financial means or time dedication. She finds them and applies her own pure discernment which is simply following her guts in whom she believes. Together we put them in the spotlight. In another light. 


La Lou's World. La Lou's World is peaceful. People create together a better world, and respect each other for who they are. She speaks her truth, calls for connection and taking shared responsibility. Together we create a better world.

La Lou finds Love! The man with whom she can be who she is. Pure, free and passionate. The man who can be with her who he is. The Love in which a woman is a woman, and a man a man. The Love in which sharing is caring. Healing. The The Love that grows together. The Love that feels happy.The Love that inspires. 

La Lou sings! Maybe a bit out of tune, but La Lou sings her own song!

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