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I have a dream!


And I make it come true!


At La Lou's the spotlight is on your dreams, no matter if it concerns your personality, your career, leisure time, love or relations in general. Everything is possible. Together we'll find what makes your heart beat faster, and we create a solid foundation by tackling the obstacles and creating a vision.


In addition to a crystal-clear advice, I will provide you with new perspectives, so that your insight into the endless possibilities of life is expanded. Making choices takes courage and I offer you my full support. I also energetically clear away what no longer serves you.


Everyone is unique and that is how I work. In addition to my treasure trove of experience and knowledge, I use my intuition and energy.


I ask from you the enthusiasm to take responsibility for your personal growth and the willingness to invest sufficient time in yourself.


I work with individuals, couples and families.

Depending on your needs we will schedule an appointment in La Lou's Shiny House or online. After the introductory meeting there are various options for a follow-up process. For an appointment or more information please contact me via +31 6 234 78065 of

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