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La Lou's motto

La Lou believes in love
La Lou believes in the power of sharing

La Lou stands for connection

About love

I can not express love in words. All I know is that love is the only answer. To everything.


That it has to do with recognizing yourself in the other. To accept someone as he or she is. To respect people for who they are. And the willingness to contribute to the happiness of the other.


Love is a state of being.


If we have to fight or work for it, fear is involved.


Love starts within yourself. My experience is that it requires quite something to get to that point: living through pain, emotions, being honest, insight, perseverance and, above all, a whole bunch of personal responsibility.


Love is so worth it.

La Lou radiates love.

La Lou makes you feel.

About sharing

I have often experienced the power of sharing. During my many travels I have been inspired by encounters with people who owned little to nothing and who gave everything. From the heart. From solidarity. This kind of sharing is a huge source of inspiration for me.


Because I have often been on the road alone, I have learnt how sharing stories, worries, moments of happiness, even with strangers, add tremendous value. I see that in our individualistic society exists a lot of loneliness. That prosperity comes at the expense of well-being. That there is a need for places where people can share.


Giving and receiving in a balanced way.


La Lou's is such a place.

About connection

I have experienced a lot of conflict in my life.


I felt powerless when I saw how parties were diametrically opposed to each other and offering each other none or very limited space.


It is time to move away from lasting victimisation and perpetration.


It is time to acknowledge the situation, to start the conversation about "how are we going to solve it" and share the responsibility for making it happen. I believe that our power is in the uniqueness. That together we have everything we need. That the sum is always greater. Together we are stronger.


What makes it beautiful?


My experience is that in a sincere conversation you always discover that you have so much more in common with the other. From a feeling perspective, connection is about the essence of live. Differences are in that case just a side issue.

Like with love true connection starts with connecting with yourself.

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