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Hello World!


My name is Milka, and through La Lou speaks my soul. My mission is to inspire people to follow their hearts.

I took the leap myself in 2023. During that summer I left the corporate world where I have been working since 25 years. To the most frequent asked question "What are you going to do?" I gave my most honest answer "I do not know". I had dreams and as it goes with dreams, they were not very concrete.


I decided to go with the flow of life for a while. Without a clear plan or goal. Just act on what life is providing. I had one golden rule:


                                                              Do I get happy?


If yes I continue. If no I quit.


It became a wonderful journey. Life was throwing all kind of possibilities on my path which my mind never could have came up with. Periods of action and adventure were followed by periods of rest and reflection. And all of a sudden it became clear.

I want to commit to a more beautiful world, and this world starts according to me when more people and companies follow their hearts.

The process I am going through and which started in 2020 serves to inspire others.


Inspire others by being an example and to show that things are possible. Inspire others by sharing my knowledge and insights. During the past 4 years I have heavily invested in my personal growth and built a treasure trove with tools, tips & tricks.


For all I want to inspire people by giving them the opportunity to go through experience themselves. I've met fantastisc teachers who have helped me by sharing their wisdom and talents. By being a sounding board, a mirror and providing confirmation that I am on the right track. 

My biggest teacher however is Life itself.


By living, so by experiencing and learning, I grow.

Living with an open heart takes courage. And it is more courage that the world needs. I was surprised by the number of people that have told me in the past years: "If I had the courage I would follow your example''.

For that reason we put an extra spotlight on courage at La Lou's. Courage means feeling fear and doing it anyhow. And then experiencing what it will bring you. By doing so you learn to trust and to believe.

And it is exactly this what led me to a crucial breakthrough: trust and believe in myself!

Warm regards,


What makes me feel happy: variation and spontaneity. Bringing people together, touching and moving them. Telling stories, dancing, singing and music. Recognition, understanding, harmony and cosiness. Simplicity, purity and sharing. Travelling, adventure and rest. Nature. Helping people. Inspiring. Teaching. Advicing. Offering perspective. Putting the truth on the table. Solutions. Understanding live. Purpose. Creating impact.


What I needed courage for: asking for help, expressing my anger and powerlessness, showing my grief, saying I love you, valueing myself, setting my boundaries, trusting, receiving love

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