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La Lou's mission is to inspire people to follow their hearts. She helps people to dare to choose. She facilitates this through sharing knowledge, insights and tools, guiding people to go through the experience and being a rolemodel herself. She works both in the private as business environment.

She provides clear advice. She functions as a spotlight and puts full light on what's playing. In this regard she distinguishes herself from a coach. 

She calls for connection. It's time that people take responsibility for their own and each other's well-being.

You can read La Lou's full story here.


My name is Milka Pernot. I was born in 1974 in Geleen. As a child I loved to play outside, dance, make music and write stories and scripts. I had a strong sense of justice and stood up for the outsiders both in school as in society. After studying Eastern European Studies and a postgraduate degree in Business Economics, I ended up in the world of business in 1998. I have always been part of the Marketing & Sales department and have worked with many cultures, both worldwide and within organizations. As a manager of a international team that went through several reorganisations I discovered my passion for personal growth of consciousness in which I developed myself further.

Angels flutter around her heart

Love can heal them softly call

When troubles comes to the ones she loves Her angels come


They ease all suffering

They heal all pain

Her angels come like healing rain

Love and angels conquer all

Like rain her healing angels fall


Angels by Sam Baker

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